6" Regular Tomato Pita Pockets, 6/10ct. packages

This is our 6" diameter Regular Tomato Pita Pocket Bread.  This is our standard size case which has 6 packages, each containing 10 individual loaves. These are great  to use for garlic bread.  Obviously, they make awesome sandwiches.  Only the finest ingredients are included in our premium quality Pocket Breads. Combine that with a unique family recipe over thousands of years old and you've got Father Sam's Pocket Bread!  With it's overall golden appearance, Father Sam's Pocket Bread has a better texture and sweeter taste than normal Pita Bread. Plus Father Sam's has specially designed strong edges that resist splitting.  While planning your meals, also know that all of Father Sam's Pocket Breads are no fat, no cholesterol and certified Kosher.  They are available in Whole Wheat and White flavors.


6" Regular Tomato Pita Pockets, 6/10ct. packages
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